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Red Bandana -

Red Bandana

Sep 26, 2007 bloods

Bandana - works well with this code as a background...   http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q283/xprettyhate/Profile%20Images/bg2.jpg


Nov 19, 2007 black

“works well with this code as a background... http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q283/xprettyhate/Profile%20Images/bg2.jpg”

Bloods -


Jun 11, 2008 blood bloods flag RAG red

bloods -


Nov 18, 2007

bloods - bloods paid in full


May 18, 2008 bloods

“bloods paid in full”

Bloods -


Apr 14, 2008 bloods

black bandana - bandana black

black bandana

May 07, 2008 adam

“bandana black”

bloods -


Nov 18, 2007

bloods - west side blood


Jan 08, 2009 bloods

“west side blood”

ReD BaNdaNa - .4dRi4n h4 h4 nOrTe:: 

ReD BaNdaNa

Feb 21, 2008 red bandana NORTE

“.4dRi4n h4 h4 nOrTe:: XIV”

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