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Deathbat -


May 14, 2008 a7x avenged sevenfold deathbat

DeathBat - i made this theme because i love A7X!


Nov 19, 2007

“i made this theme because i love A7X!”

coreys deathbat - blah i hate these thinggs haha

coreys deathbat

Sep 08, 2008 Corey zielke deathbat avenged sevenfold

“blah i hate these thinggs haha”

Avenged sevenfold deathbat - an avenged sevenfold deathbat theme

Avenged sevenfold...

Dec 19, 2009 avenged sevenfold DEATH death bat a7x metal scary awesome

“an avenged sevenfold deathbat theme”

deathbat - awsomeness


Mar 30, 2009 pink deathbat


Deathbat -


Dec 21, 2008 avenged sevenfold deathbat

deathbat - The Deathbat!


Mar 02, 2008

“The Deathbat!”

Mr. Deathbat -

Mr. Deathbat

Jun 11, 2008 Mr. deathbat synyster gates

deathbat - Please only use with Avenged Sevenfold backgrounds. :)


Feb 22, 2008

“Please only use with Avenged Sevenfold backgrounds. :)”

deathbat -


Jun 15, 2008

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