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seizure anyone? - bows and pink and spots and zebra and purple and flashy shit <3<3<3

seizure anyone?

May 29, 2009 seizure flashing pink hot pink green colorful scene rave techno emo ZEBRA stripes zebra stripes spots polka dots bright static

“bows and pink and spots and zebra and purple and flashy shit <3<3<3”

SEIZURE !!!! - umm idk :DDDD


Jan 31, 2009 seizure Flashy sezure colorful happy Sad face emo GAY funny cute girly

“umm idk :DDDD”

Seizure Scene Kid Rave -

Seizure Scene Kid...

Apr 04, 2009 zomg ouch

seizure -


Jun 18, 2008

Seizure -


May 10, 2009 ahh scary

Seizure :D -

Seizure :D

Mar 21, 2009 seizure Dangerous lol funny

naruto seizure party - techno seizure naruto

naruto seizure party

Feb 20, 2009 naruto seizure

“techno seizure naruto”

seizure - OMG!0-0


Oct 08, 2009 flashing


Seizure Bree Bree! -

Seizure Bree Bree!

Oct 30, 2008

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