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Themes tagged with 808's

Love Lockdown -

Love Lockdown

Oct 25, 2008 kanye WEST love lockdown 808's and Heartbreak

808's & Heartbreak -

808's & Heartbreak

Nov 10, 2008 kanye WEST 808's & Heartbreak

808's and heartbreak -

808's and heartbreak

Nov 12, 2008 kanye WEST 808's and Heartbreak 808s &

808s & heartbrake - dope kanye layout.

808s & heartbrake

Nov 25, 2008 kanye WEST heartbrake 808s Mr. 808's

“dope kanye layout.”

Kanye West 808's and a Heartbeat - kanye new album

Kanye West 808's and a Heartbeat

Dec 04, 2008 kanye WEST 808's heartbeat

“kanye new album”