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Themes tagged with Compton

Eazy-E -


Nov 09, 2007 EAZY-E real gs CPT Compton

CoMpToN - YYYYEEE i made this theme by yeha.


May 26, 2008 Compton gangsta hood thug life tupac Gotham green crip slob blood

“YYYYEEE i made this theme by yeha.”

Scouty - scouty


Jun 17, 2008 tiny Scout taylor Compton


Eazy-E - Diz iz a theme dedicated 2 EAZY muthuh fukin E!


Jun 20, 2008 EAZY-E eazy Compton blood ca California RAPPER

“Diz iz a theme dedicated 2 EAZY muthuh fukin E!”

demar derozan2 - sick demar derozan layout.

demar derozan2

Oct 04, 2008 lil romeo demar derozan usc Compton TROJANS

“sick demar derozan layout. ”

compton -


Dec 03, 2008 Compton

True Blood Bill Compton - A pic of Bill

True Blood Bill Compton

Dec 07, 2008 True blood bill Compton

“A pic of Bill”

bugzy$ shit -

bugzy$ shit

Apr 09, 2010 Compton