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Themes tagged with Murderdolls

joey jordison - murderdolls

joey jordison

Apr 19, 2008 Murderdolls

“murderdolls slipknot”

Murderdolls - Murderdolls


Apr 24, 2008 Murderdolls


murderdolls - metal


Jun 06, 2008 Murderdolls


murderdolls background - idk hope you like it

murderdolls background

Aug 07, 2008 Murderdolls wednesday 13 joey Jordison eric Griffin acey slade ben graves

“idk hope you like it”

slipknot -


Sep 02, 2008 Murderdolls slipknot

murderdolls - the awesome murderdolls


Jun 17, 2009 Murderdolls

“the awesome murderdolls”

murderdoll love - i love murderdolls/wednesday 13...this took awile!~rock on~ jenn

murderdoll love

Jun 18, 2009 Murderdolls wednesday 13 joey jordison black red dark rock metal emo

“i love murderdolls/wednesday 13...this took awile!~rock on~ jenn”

Murderdolls -


Apr 01, 2010 Murderdolls

Murderdoll mayhem2 -

Murderdoll mayhem2

Aug 01, 2010 Murderdolls

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