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Themes tagged with amane

misa amane - more misa...

misa amane

Apr 15, 2008 tiny misa amane DEATH NOTE

“more misa...”

more misa.. -

more misa..

Apr 17, 2008 misa amane DEATH NOTE light Yagami

Death Note - I just wanted a unique Misa Theme

Death Note

Apr 28, 2008 misa amane

“I just wanted a unique Misa Theme”

Misa Amane -

Misa Amane

May 14, 2008 misa amane

Misa-Kipi -


Aug 29, 2008 amane misa.L DEATH NOTE

Amane Misa...Death Note -

Amane Misa...Death Note

Aug 30, 2008 misa amane DEATH NOTE

Amu And MIna BFF - Two Characters i Created

Amu And MIna BFF

Dec 16, 2008 amu mina tsukirai amane anime

“Two Characters i Created”

Mina Tsukirai - my made up characters.

Mina Tsukirai

Dec 18, 2008 mina amu tsukirai amane anime

“my made up characters.”

Amu Amane - Amu

Amu Amane

Dec 20, 2008 amu amane anime


Mina And Friends - My Made up characters

Mina And Friends

Dec 21, 2008 Akatsui shadows mina tsukirai friends amu Naru anime amane maaka girl

“My Made up characters”

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