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Themes tagged with decora

Harajuku - I made this layout combining differend harajuku pictures.


May 07, 2008 Harajuku decora japanese

“I made this layout combining differend harajuku pictures.”

kawaii - somethin haha~


Aug 21, 2008 minimoni Mini Moni kawaii cute hime himetrance trance music decora lolita pink

“somethin haha~”

ice cream -

ice cream

Apr 24, 2009 decora

decora style - the unic decora style! nyappy!

decora style

Apr 28, 2009 decora oshare Kei

“the unic decora style! nyappy!”

decora anime -

decora anime

Dec 10, 2009 decora visual kei anime

Cupcake Decora -

Cupcake Decora

Mar 08, 2010 kawaii decora cupcakes funny cute colorful