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Themes tagged with deidara

Deidara and Itachi - Yaoi with red clouds

Deidara and Itachi

Dec 31, 2007 deidara itachi

“Yaoi with red clouds”

Deidara Golden - It's Deidara....

Deidara Golden

Mar 09, 2008 deidara Golden akatsuki naruto anime hot boy

“It's Deidara....”

sasori - i made this sasori theme. enjoyy.


Mar 22, 2008 sasori naruto anime akatsuki deidara itachi kisame

“i made this sasori theme. enjoyy.”

Deidara - deidara


Mar 23, 2008 deidara demonic yue

“deidara ”

Evil Tobi - Tobi is a bad boy.

Evil Tobi

Mar 25, 2008 Tobi akatsuki hidan kakazu itachi deidara pein leader evil sasori zetsu tiny

“Tobi is a bad boy.”

deidara - CHIBI DEIDARA!!!


Apr 02, 2008 deidara


akatsuki tribute - this theme is a tribute to the almigthy and powerful akatsuki

akatsuki tribute

Apr 04, 2008 akatsuki itachi deidara pein sasori Tobi hiddan kisame zetsu

“this theme is a tribute to the almigthy and powerful akatsuki”

deidara - deidara


Apr 12, 2008 deidara


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