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Themes tagged with depression

emo girl - depressed emo girl

emo girl

Apr 08, 2008 depression hurts i hope u know

“depressed emo girl”

Something breaks in all true -

Something breaks in all true

May 24, 2008 depression gothic goth broken evil Lost tears Sad emo Blue

emo black swan -

emo black swan

Jun 21, 2008 emo black Swan depression

self-injury -


Jul 03, 2008 self-injury depression

dreppession -


Jul 13, 2008 depression rain sorrow Sadness Sad

black rose - i made a black and bloody rose theme

black rose

Jul 23, 2008 rose depression

“i made a black and bloody rose theme”

Screw You - For a Friend

Screw You

Jul 27, 2008 lonely depression

“For a Friend”

depression -


Jul 03, 2008 grunge nirvana depression kurt Cobain

depressed -


Aug 27, 2008 tiny depression depressed

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