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Themes tagged with gangs

red bandanna - hoope u likke it!

red bandanna

Mar 21, 2008 gangs

“hoope u likke it!”

colors - color,blood,crip


Mar 30, 2008 gangs




Apr 09, 2008 gangs Guns sureno

crips -


Jun 11, 2008 crips gangs Blue flags RAGS

DK flag - i am reppin for da klan or dk

DK flag

May 20, 2008 black bandana gangs

“i am reppin for da klan or dk”

All Love -

All Love

Nov 11, 2008 tiny bloods crips gangs love peace

rip jose manuel - kool

rip jose manuel

Jan 26, 2009 rip jose manuel. people nation gangs


spida loc=BIBI RANGEL - i made the banner myself!


spida loc=BIBI RANGEL

Apr 02, 2009 Blue Cool gangs bibi

“i made the banner myself! (BIBI RANGEL)”

mobsters -


Jun 24, 2009 mobsters gangs

City'2 Per2onal -

City'2 Per2onal

Jan 25, 2010 green Money deuce gangs

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