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Themes tagged with gee

Goregeous Gerard Way From MCR!!! - Gee from mcr!! woooooooooooo!!!

Goregeous Gerard Way From MCR!!!

Dec 26, 2007 gerard way mcr my Chemical Romance music love gee hot gorgeous

“Gee from mcr!! woooooooooooo!!!”

gee n chriss - me n my boyfriend

gee n chriss

Apr 08, 2008 gee n chris

“me n my boyfriend”

gerard and mcr - gerard and mcr 4 my personal

gerard and mcr

Apr 12, 2008 tiny gee

“gerard and mcr 4 my personal”

Boca - Crated by the one n only GeNeSis!


May 06, 2008 gee

“Crated by the one n only GeNeSis!”

gerard - mcr,gerard


May 31, 2008 gee


MCR - by FraGee


Jun 01, 2008 my Chemical Romance mcr chem gerard way gee

“by FraGee”

ass - ett


Jun 19, 2008 gee


wowwwwwwwwwww - umm


Dec 03, 2008 tiny gee awsomess


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