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Themes tagged with gloomy bear

Two Heads - strange randomness that accumulated

Two Heads

Feb 04, 2009 two heads strnge Gir gloomy bear

“strange randomness that accumulated”

gloomy bear - <3

gloomy bear

Feb 07, 2009 gloomy bear


Random Cute Collage - **Works best with a dark backgorund**

Random Cute Collage

Mar 19, 2009 scene batman hello kitty cute girly nuckles dino White basic Make-Up Lip Gloss gloomy bear rockstar Poka Dots

“**Works best with a dark backgorund**”

Gloomy bear - Simple.

Gloomy bear

Mar 23, 2009 gloomy bear


supreme scene - all from photbucket

supreme scene

Mar 23, 2009 scene bats gloomy bear suicide girls hello kitty

“all from photbucket”

gloomy bear theme - courtesy of photobucket

gloomy bear theme

Mar 24, 2009 gloomy bear scene

“courtesy of photobucket”

Lots of Scene Stuff - all from photobucket

Lots of Scene Stuff

Mar 28, 2009 scene hello kitty rainbows diamonds gloomy bear

“all from photobucket”

Gllomy Bear & Hello Ktty - courtesy of photobucket

Gllomy Bear & Hello Ktty

Mar 28, 2009 famous gloomy bear hello kitty diamonds bats lips

“courtesy of photobucket”

gloomy bear!!!! - i made gloomy bears XD

gloomy bear!!!!

Apr 19, 2009 gloomy bear

“i made gloomy bears XD”

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