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Themes tagged with legends

Legends -


Dec 24, 2007 legends dimebag thin lizzy

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock -

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Mar 15, 2008 guitar hero III: legends of rock game

Rockman DASH - This is a Mega Man Legends Theme

Rockman DASH

Mar 30, 2008 megaman rockman legends DASH

“This is a Mega Man Legends Theme”

Rockman DASH Theme - This is a Rockman DASH theme.

Rockman DASH Theme

Mar 30, 2008 rockman DASH megaman legends

“This is a Rockman DASH theme.”



Apr 01, 2008 legends of rock


Guitar Hero 3 -

Guitar Hero 3

Apr 23, 2008 guitar hero GH legends of rock

Guitar Hero Theme - A Guitar Hero 3 Theme

Guitar Hero Theme

May 19, 2008 guitar hero legends of rock video Games Xbox 360 playstation 3 Ps3 wii

“A Guitar Hero 3 Theme”

MiguelX4 Guitar Hero Theme -

MiguelX4 Guitar Hero Theme

May 21, 2008 guitar hero legends

Motocross Legends - The Greatest of this era!

Motocross Legends

Jun 27, 2008 MX SX motocross supercross RC legends

“The Greatest of this era!”

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