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Themes tagged with leonardo

Leonardo Da Vinci - Mostly made with his drawings of machines.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Mar 21, 2008 leonardo da Vinci Artist paint contrast sketch mona lisa fly draw machine device

“Mostly made with his drawings of machines.”

da vinci - all images edited by me.

da vinci

Apr 23, 2008 da Vinci leonardo

“all images edited by me.”

tmnt - tmnt...oldskool! =]


Jun 18, 2008 tmnt Ninja turtles green Micheal angelo rafael donatello leonardo

“tmnt...oldskool! =]”

Romeo and Juliet NEW! -

Romeo and Juliet NEW!

Jun 24, 2008 tiny romeo juliet and & leonardo dicaprio

Titanic Maniac - I made this especially for anihearn!!!

Titanic Maniac

Sep 24, 2008 titanic movie leonardo dicaprio kate Winslet ship

“I made this especially for anihearn!!!”

Romeo and juliet - Cause leo is hawt. =3~~~

Romeo and juliet

Oct 29, 2008 romeo and juliet leonardo dicaprio hawt

“Cause leo is hawt. =3~~~”

Da Vinci - Don't really know the inspiration behind this one... just went with the idea.

Da Vinci

Feb 08, 2009 leonardo da vinci antique old ancient art classical Philosophy illuminati dan brown Cool tan

“Don't really know the inspiration behind this one... just went with the idea.”

Sam's Leonardo Da Vinci - artistic theme.

Sam's Leonardo Da Vinci

Feb 25, 2009 leonardo da vinci davinci art drawing painting drawings paintings design

“artistic theme.”

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