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metallica master of puppets - http://www.popartuk.com/g/l/lgpp0342+master-of-puppets-album-cover-metallica-poster.jpg
metallica all the way

metallica master of puppets

May 19, 2008 metalica master of puppets awesome

“http://www.popartuk.com/g/l/lgpp0342+master-of-puppets-album-cover-metallica-poster.jpg metallica all the way”

sweet bands - some awsome bands

sweet bands

May 22, 2008 Children of bodom hatebreed Lamb god metalica DEATH

“some awsome bands”

ace of spades - fvfvvsvs

ace of spades

Oct 04, 2008 Ace Spades cliff Burton metalica motorhead steve vai rock cards


metallica -


May 08, 2009 Metallica metalica rock

Classic rock bands - these bands incluide three days grace, metalica and iron maiden

Classic rock bands

Feb 20, 2010 three days grace metalica Iron Maiden black goth classic rock rock classic

“these bands incluide three days grace, metalica and iron maiden”