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Themes tagged with plants

Green Love - Reveal your inner nature!

Green Love

Nov 24, 2007 plants trees

“Reveal your inner nature!”

Natural - awsome theme, check it out


Apr 20, 2008 water sun plane Air sunset boat mountains ocean clouds plants trees Mountain Cool

“awsome theme, check it out”

Red Watercolor Verbena - designs by lisa j

Red Watercolor Verbena

Jul 14, 2008 verbena plants flowers red black watercolor floral pattern

“designs by lisa j”

Living Rocks & Baby Toes - designs by lisa j

Living Rocks & Baby Toes

Jul 18, 2008 Baby toes plants rocks garden succulant grey Gray african

“designs by lisa j”

fiasco - check out my other themes and layouts: http://www.coolchaser.com/user/profile/4087607


Aug 07, 2008 brown green abstract plants simple modern retro

“check out my other themes and layouts: http://www.coolchaser.com/user/profile/4087607”

Le Petite - designs by lisa j

Le Petite

Aug 18, 2008 flowers purple pink plants nature garden Designs by lisa J

“designs by lisa j”

Green Horsetail - designs by lisa j

Green Horsetail

Aug 21, 2008 nature horsetail green plants backgrounds NATURAL Environment Designs by lisa J

“designs by lisa j”

Freshwater Fish - to my sweet little pet fishes =)

Freshwater Fish

Sep 13, 2008 FISH gourami redtailed shark plants

“to my sweet little pet fishes =)”

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