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u got nailed - u got nailed

u got nailed

Apr 21, 2008 goth puppets

“u got nailed”

metallica master of puppets - http://www.popartuk.com/g/l/lgpp0342+master-of-puppets-album-cover-metallica-poster.jpg
metallica all the way

metallica master of puppets

May 19, 2008 metalica master of puppets awesome

“http://www.popartuk.com/g/l/lgpp0342+master-of-puppets-album-cover-metallica-poster.jpg metallica all the way”

metallica master of puppets -

metallica master of puppets

Jul 09, 2008 matallica master of puppets

puppet show -

puppet show

Sep 05, 2008 puppets

Cliff Burton -

Cliff Burton

Sep 05, 2008 cliff Burton Metallica bass master puppets

Metallica - Death Magnetic -

Metallica - Death Magnetic

Sep 15, 2008 Metallica DEATH magnetic master of puppets rock music james kirk lars

yeah -


Sep 30, 2008 the Last shadow puppets

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