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Themes tagged with swallow

sacred swallow - he he he

sacred swallow

Sep 17, 2008 swallow psychbilly

“he he he”

love sucks -

love sucks

Jan 20, 2009 love sucks swallow

Cherries and Swallows -

Cherries and Swallows

Jan 22, 2009 cherry swallow tattoo

Blue Bird - Designed by **KAT**

Blue Bird

Mar 07, 2009 Blue simple Birds swallow tattoo

“Designed by **KAT**”

Rockabilly Bad Luck - Rockabilly tattoo theme in all red, black, and white.

Rockabilly Bad Luck

Jun 19, 2009 rockabilly black red White tattoo psychobilly bird swallow cherry

“Rockabilly tattoo theme in all red, black, and white.”

swallow -


Aug 02, 2009 swallow