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Themes tagged with yondaime

Partying Tsunade - just a ghetto theme i made because i was bored.

Partying Tsunade

Dec 05, 2007 naruto tsunade Jiraiya orochimaru Sannin green boobs tits titties leaf village bra heartagram HIM red black party Blue jewel chakra godaime yondaime tsunade-sama anime slug

“just a ghetto theme i made because i was bored.”

Kushina AND Yondaime -

Kushina AND Yondaime

Feb 10, 2008 kushina yondaime minato

Yondaime chibi -

Yondaime chibi

Mar 28, 2008 tiny yondaime minato

Random Naruto Layout - Hopefully ppl will lyk my layout ;]

Random Naruto Layout

Apr 07, 2008 naruto Hinata sasuke yondaime

“Hopefully ppl will lyk my layout ;]”

Kakashi and Yondaime -

Kakashi and Yondaime

Apr 27, 2008 kakashi and yondaime naruto boys

Naruto Theme - i decided to make a layout about naruto

Naruto Theme

May 15, 2008 naruto sasuke yondaime

“i decided to make a layout about naruto”

Yondaime - V.m.P


Jul 24, 2008 yondaime


Minato and Kushina - again...no description

Minato and Kushina

Mar 21, 2009 s mom, naruto minato kushina and fourth Hokage fourth hokage naruto narutos dad yondaime

“again...no description”

yondaime -


Jul 10, 2010 yondaime

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